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Welcome to our company!

At Ten Thousand Holdings Sdn. Bhd., we have a strong dedication to ensuring the safety of dynamic sports enthusiasts like yourself. We understand that engaging in exhilarating sports requires reliable protective gear. That's why we offer an extensive range of top-quality protective apparel from Dainese that caters to diverse lifestyles.


Our headquarters are nestled in the lively city of Petaling Jaya, Selangor. From this bustling hub, we collaborate with premium international action-sports brands, injecting new life into their retail presence across Southeast Asia. We're all about creating unforgettable shopping experiences that go beyond the ordinary.


With our energetic and professional team, we infuse fresh ideas and innovative retail marketing practices into our partnerships. We believe in going the extra mile to deliver unmatched consumer experiences. Expect nothing less than a fusion of creativity, passion, and unwavering commitment as we work together to leave a lasting impact in the world of dynamic sports.

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